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Important: Prefit Your Hood Before You Paint!

Fiberglass Hoods are much lighter than the steel OEM hoods, therefore, please read the following information.

Note: 87-93 Mustang: your original hood was supplied with a steel "pop-up bar". This will no longer be required due to the fact that fiberglass hoods are lighter than the steel hood and will pop-up without utilizing this bar.

Hood Installation Procedure

Bolt your fiberglass hood onto the factory hinges using the supplied hardware, but do not tighten completely, just "snug" the bolts up. Adjust the hood until the proper alignment with the fenders and front-end is achieved. Adjust the primary latch until it fits into the latch opening on the hood.

Unlike closing the heavier OEM hood, just dropping the hood down will not always give you a secure lock when closing. Make sure that every time you close your hood, you can hear the latch "click" onto the hood.

After you hear the "click", test it to be sure it is functioning properly by grabbing the leading edge of the hood and gently, with even pressure, pulling upwards. If the hood is NOT adjusted properly! Repeat the process to ensure it is properly functioning.


Make sure that you utilize the factory "safety-latch" on your hood!

The safety-latch bolted to the underside of your OEM hood must be used on your new Mustang hood, using the bolts we supply with your new hood. Make sure that the "safety-latch" hood grabs onto it's receiving bracket, located on the radiator support.

For additional adjustment, "up" and "down", remove the "primary-latch" from the radiator support. There are 2 "dowels" that inter-lock the latch onto the radiator support. Grind these 2 "dowels" off, and re-install this latch.

Fiberglass hoods are "thicker" than OEM hoods, therefore, it will be necessary to adjust all rubber stoppers/bumpers. Some of these stoppers/bumpers, along the fender lines, may need to be trimmed or they may even need to be removed completely.

Fiberglass hoods are also "stiffer" than OEM hoods. An OEM hood can actually twist to follow the fender line, even if one fender is lower than the other one. This may need to be adjusted by correcting your fender alignment.

Champion Hoods and Products recommends the following pointers to be taken under advisory by the installer of this hood:

  • Installing a hood is a 2 person job!
  • Wet-sanding your new hood will remove all mold release waxes and build-up so that your paintwork will be a quality finish.
  • If the vehicle is used in Extreme Conditions such as racing etc..."hood pins" should be used at the front corners of the hood as an added precaution!

Enjoy your hood, and please Drive Safely!